Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day Weekend we decided to head up to Las Vegas and visit with Nathan's parents. He had the following week off of school so we took off after church on Sunday and stayed through Thursday. Erin came down to join us as well while Kasey was on a business trip. It was so much fun spending time with everyone...especially Erin because she is going to be moving to Boston at the end of the summer! We will miss her and Kasey a ton but we know that they have such an awesome adventure ahead of them! Overall it was a super relaxing trip. Sawyer has such a great time there and entertains himself really well. He had a blast playing in the back yard and hanging out with grandma. It was just so nice to get away for a few days. Here are a couple pictures from our weekend.
Baby Violet in her patriotic Memorial Day outfit
Roasting some mallows in the backyard fire pit

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Sabine Schindler said...

Maybe I'm not the only one who skipped right over this and the next post. I can't believe I missed it!! Very cute picture of Violet!! I'm glad you make use of the time living close to Nathan's family. You never know if it'll happen again!!