Friday, June 17, 2011

2 Months!

This cute little chubby-cheeks up here turned 2 months last weekend! I will admit that with Sawyer I was always so excited for him to reach the next stage. I couldn't wait for him to grow up and interact with me! But now with Violet I think I would be ok if she would stay tiny forever! :) Aside from wanting to know what she'll 'look like' when she outgrows her baby face...I am perfectly happy enjoying the simple smiles, adorable coo's, and squishy cheeks. She has been such an angel so far and we love every minute of her. It's getting easier to get a grin out of this girl and even an occasional little laugh. And it's so funny to hear the sounds she's making because she has got this little rasp in her voice! She's had a lot of issues with nasal congestion so I don't know if it has something to do with that or if it's here to stay...either way we think it's pretty dang cute! And while she gets very little tummy time these days (thanks to her big brother who just loves her to DEATH!), she's doing well holding up her head and standing on your lap. She is gonna be one tough cookie that's for sure! She's already had 2 haircuts...the first on the day we came home from the hospital (I wasn't cool with the baby mullet she brought with her)...and the second the other day when I decided that the dark rim of thick hair at the base of her head was not going to fall out anytime soon and I couldn't stand it all looking so uneven. So I took some clippers to it, not knowing that the guard I was using was super short. So she's close to bald now. But I like it :). And at least it's not as blonde as Sawyer's was so you can at least see that she's got hair! She's such a fun little girl and we are all so happy that she is a part of our family! I'm becoming more and more adjusted to being a mom of two and we have even gotten pretty good at venturing out for some fun summer activities every now and then. Here are Violet's 2 month Stats:

Weight: 10 lb 15 oz (49%)
Height: 22 inches (31%)
Head: 39 cm (54%)

Taking pictures of the two of them is SO DIFFICULT! These were the best I could do yesterday.

I just wanted to show you all how Violet spends her time at the pool. What a sweetheart :)
In other news, my sister Kristie and her family moved here a couple weeks ago! Sawyer is so happy to have his buddy Jake living close by. Those two just love each other. I tried to go help Kristie unpack one day and I think we got maybe 15 min of unpacking done while these two sat still for a show (above)...things are definitely not what they used to be now that we've got 4 little munchkins around :)
This is super random but I thought it was funny. Poor little Violet is getting the rubber ducky forced upon her! Big brothers can be so crazy!


Kristie said...

wow i guess today was a good day for both of us to update the blogs. happy 2 months baby vat.

Sabine Schindler said...

Great pictures and post, Jess! I just love reading about your lives, your kids, and am super excited that you and Kristie get to spend a year together. Your kids will never forget this time, at least the boys!! :o)
Can't wait to see you guys all again!!