Sunday, June 28, 2015

Thanksgiving and 2 Christmas Markets

We got to host Thanksgiving with a few families in our ward this year.  It was fun, as I love doing that kind of stuff.  Although I haven't had much practice with the Turkey thing, so we all had to wait on it forever because I was being paranoid that it was underdone.  Practice makes perfect I guess!  We had an adult table and a kid table.  Sawyer loved being able to write all the kids' names over their plates on the paper table cloth.  

The next morning we headed down to Rothenberg to visit their Christmas Market.  We LOVED that city.  It had such a traditional, rustic German charm to it.  We even did the Night Watchman's Tour at 8 pm with our frozen, tired children.  A really fun and interesting tour, despite the cold.  The next day we drove a bit further to the city of Nurnberg.  We had been there once, on our way home from Prague with my parents, and hadn't been very impressed by it.  But we had heard from many sources that this was the most famous Christmas Market in Germany, because I think it is the oldest.  We still didn't love the place.  It was just way too big and way too crowded.  At the end we tried to go see the Nazi Parade Ground.  They had a museum there, but we decided it was not going to be fun with the kids.  And it was too dark to see much on the Parade Ground.  Oh well...  After that we headed back home.  Fun weekend, overall.  

I made a Thankful sign for my friend who was struggling with cancer treatment.  I wanted her to have some decorations and I knew she wouldn't be able to make or put any up on her own.I also used my silhouette to cut out a bunch of leaves so that she could make a thankful tree with her kids.  I love how it turned out.

November 11th is St. Martin's day.  Germany celebrates it by going for Lantern walks.  This year we were a little bit more prepared and actually got the kids real lanterns to use.

I helped with the Thanksgiving party in Sawyer's Kindergarten class.  I made the popcorn 'corns', the alphabet cards for each food item, and helped with the pilgrim hats.

Sawyer's November family project--Tom the Turkey



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