Sunday, June 28, 2015


Some of our October happenings...
Isla's first dental exam by Daddy.  She wasn't a fan.  A Saturday outing to Burg Eltz.  I would say this castle is one of the hidden gems of Germany.  Not as famous as Neuschwanstein, but super cool.  The inside was really neat, too.  Sawyer finished up his soccer season.  He had fun, but seemed to be more interested in the planes flying over head most of the time.  Nate got to work more with the moulage team for the Air Base disaster drills.  And he also participated in a scouting leadership campout.  

Violet was COVERED in the stupid red baseball dirt after Sawyer's soccer game.  8 months later and I still can't get all the stains out.

We made it to a Pumpkin Festival nearby.  The kids had fun playing hide and seek in the corn maze--getting scared by dad.  I loved trying their pumpkin soup (SO yummy!), pumpkin brats, pumpkin cake.  Yummy.  

Nipper was in town on business so we got to go out to dinner with him.  And by 'in town', I mean he was outside of Munich!  He willingly drove like 3 hours to meet us that night.  It was so much fun catching up in Heidelberg over a traditional German meal.  We love you Nipper!!!

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