Friday, August 9, 2013

Our last week in Vegas

As usual, our last week or so before moving was a total whirlwind.  But between the packers/movers and cleaning we managed to have some fun as well.  Nathan (finally) graduated from his Residency in Advanced General Dentistry.  I know it was only a year, but we were both done with it :).  

Of course the major perk of having this residency was living by Nathan's parents for a year!  It was so great to have them so close. 

The faces in this picture just made me laugh.  This was our row at the graduation.  So sweet of Grandma and Grandpa Larson to drive up from Arizona.  We sure love them!
I love it when he has to wear his Blues.  So handsome :)

Something we had wanted to do all year, but saved for the last week, was go to Tournament of Kings.  It was really fun and the kids had such a great time!  Although I wouldn't count the food a success.  More like, Sawyer was so terrified of the small bird sitting in front of him that he wouldn't even look at it.  I think they both ate their rolls (oh and Violet ate her broccoli).  I thought it all tasted pretty good!

We also managed to squeeze in one last trip to the Children's Museum!  We loved having this place around over the past year.  So much fun.  We took Grandma, Erin, and cousin Beckham along this time!

Our last hurrah with the Christensens.  Met up for frozen yogurt and some silly pics ;).  It was getting dark by the time we took these, hence the graininess.  We love Hadley & Lincoln!
The morning before we took off for Phoenix, we just hung around with Grandma.  Nobody wanted it to end, so we just kept finding more things to do.  It was a hard goodbye.  These kids loved having their Grandma so close, and so did we!
Goodbye Las Vegas!

And just a few random pictures...had to include them

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Sabine Schindler said...

Those pictures are super cute!! I'm glad you got to spend a year close to Nate's parents! Julianne was such a big help for you too!