Monday, August 19, 2013

A little Vacay in Gilbert, AZ

Since we were still waiting for official dates for our move, I decided to take a couple weeks in the middle of July to go and stay with my parents in their new house in Gilbert.  Nathan had a bunch of oral exams to study for anyways, so he was fine with having a quiet house for a bit.  So I gathered up a lot of courage, and went on a road trip with my THREE kids all by myself.  And I'm happy to say that it went pretty well!  While we were there, we mostly just enjoyed being in a big new house and having Omi, Opi, and Uncle David around!  Of course we saw a good amount of Kristie and her family as well.  The kids had a blast, as did I.  I had a super good time helping my parents decorate their new place.  Although it's not the easiest thing to take 3 kids under 4 and David shopping, the three of us teamed up and were able to find some pretty good stuff.

The kids loved this old pinball machine in the playroom

I LOVE this picture!  Sawyer joined uncle David in my parents' huge shower.  They both thought it was hilarious!

Lots of time playing Legos....Sawyer's favorite
Mom, Dad and I had a little ritual every night after the kids went to bed.  Ruby's Chocolate Shakes and the show Castle

Isla Bea had a brand new swing to hang out in!
Discovery Park feeding the ducks
The new Gilbert Temple being built 2 miles from their house!  So exciting!
2 months old!  Mom hung a little hummingbird mobile over the table and Isla loved watching them!
Remember Polly Pockets?!  The kids loved them.  Violet kept calling them her 'Dolly Pockets'

Violet wanted to spread her own Nutella sandwich--messy!
Of course we made sure to spend some time with our awesome Garrett cousins!  They only live 1 mile from my parents' house!
The kids spent lots of time playing dress up...


Time to say goodbye.  Wasn't too bad because we knew we'd be back in a month!


Mandy said...

I love it! It looks like so much fun! (And I think you look so much like your mom!)

Sabine Schindler said...

I am way behind on reading your blogs!! Where did the time go?? It's fun to read these blogs to remind us of the fun we had with you!!