Sunday, July 28, 2013

Larson Ranch Week(end)

Our week at the Ranch was cut short this year, due to Nathan having zero time off from his Residency and all of us trying to prepare for the overseas move.  But we still did manage to get up there for a whole day and a half. Drove up Friday, enjoyed our Saturday, and back to Vegas Sunday afternoon.  It was short but sweet.  And this actually took place before our weekend trip to California to drop off the car.  Here are the few pictures I have from the Ranch this year.  It was hard to leave because we didn't really know if we would be back anytime over the next 3 years.  We missed having Andrea and Paul there.  They were a little busy having just barely welcomed Ella & Olivia into the world!!
Not a true Ranch Trip without some horse bonding time
...and some Badminton, of course
Isla's first Ranch feels like every other year we have a 3 month old at the Ranch.  Oh wait, that's cause we do.

No fear!

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