Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A New Year's Surprise

Shortly before going to Oregon for Christmas I decided that it would be a good idea to stop in Utah on my way home. Kristie had her 2nd baby, Emilia Belle, on December 15th and both of my parents were going to be there during the first week of January. That meant that my entire family (other than David) would be in Utah except for me. And I didn't have to work until the following Friday so I figured, why not!? Not to mention Southwest Airlines is so amazing when it comes to changing flights and such...I ended up having to pay only a small amount more to add on the flight from Portland to SLC. It was pretty much a win, win situation. But I decided to keep it a surprise. I did let Sydney in on it, however, because I needed to stay at her house and I needed a ride from the airport. She did a great job of keeping the secret with me and we were both so excited!

So early on New Year's day Nathan flew back to Phoenix and I flew on to Salt Lake. Sydney managed to have everyone gathered in the living room at Kristie's apartment when I had Sawyer knock on the front door. The reactions were priceless! We did get it on video, and I will try to post that video soon. I have been having so much trouble getting any videos to post these past few months. So we'll see how that goes.

With my parents already staying in Kristie's apartment, things were pretty crowded. It worked out well for me to sleep at Sydney's and go to Kristie's during the day to hang out. Sawyer had so much fun with Jake during our stay...they really are great friends. And while 2 weeks away from your normal routine can be a little rough on a toddler, he did great overall and we had so much fun! I'm so glad we got to see everyone and that I got to meet my adorable new niece, Mia!

(all of the pictures here are ones that I took from Kristie's Facebook page...I didn't take any and I haven't gotten around to getting them from those that did...hopefully the quality is ok)
Love this picture! They're gonna run out of arms pretty soon!
Such a fun trip to Tucano's! The boys actually did really well and Sawyer seemed to love the food
One last group shot before leaving
Mia's Baby Blessing
One of our favorite activities in Utah--the Kangaroo Zoo
Jake was on a pop-tart naturally Sawyer joined in.

Our two little partners in crime
They love each other so much!
Mom is the champion when it comes to playing with kids...they love her!!
These two are just so funny together


Kristie said...

way to go posting already!!!! good job! Im so glad you guys came it was tons of fun! :)

Sabine Schindler said...

Me too!! I'm sooo happy you guys came and the surprise WAS really priceless. It was so much fun for me to see all of our grandkids together, especially seeing the boys interact. I have a feeling they'll always be good friends.
Thanks for making the sacrifice to be in traveling mode for another week.
Love you!!