Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Phoenix Job Fair

Kristie, Wes, and Jake came down for a last minute trip to Phoenix a couple weeks ago so Wes could attend a job fair here in Glendale. They got to our house late Friday night and were able to stay with us until Wednesday! It was so much fun to have them here! Unfortunately I had to work a couple of those nights but we still got to spend some good quality time together. I can't believe how fast Jake is growing up! It made me so happy having him crawl around our apartment. What a happy little kid! Unfortunately the last day or so that they were here Jake got sick (and then so did I...and Kristie...and Wes). Another bummer was that it rained half the time...which like never happens here! But I don't think they even cared...they were just happy to get out of the snow! I hope they are able to find something here and move down to Arizona! I would LOVE to have them around!

My growing belly at 27.4 wks!

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Kristie said...

yay! it was so fun visiting you! and i'm gonna see you again tomorrow! hooray!