Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Birthday Boy

So Nathan turned 27 on Feb. 8th. Wow...he's getting old. I wracked my brain trying to come up with something fun for a gift...but I struggle so much with gifts for this guy! I know that anything I find he would either find at a better price or it would not be quite the right thing. The only thing I know how to buy for him is clothes...and even then I struggle. I ended up buying him some pants for school...which were too short. Bummer. It's really difficult to find the right size pants for a guy who's 6'5'' and skinny. Oh well. So instead on finding an awesome gift I thought I would come up with a fun date or outing. I planned something for the Friday night before his birthday. Unfortunately it was a really bad week for him with school and it would have stressed him out more to go out all night rather than study so we cancelled. I guess it will have to wait for another time. So his birthday celebration turned into a family event. Saturday night Brooke and her family, Andrea and Paul, and Kristie, Wes and Jake (who were in town visiting!) helped us celebrate a little birthday fiesta. We had enchiladas and other yummy mexican food. Andrea made an AWesoMe fruit salsa with cinnamon tortilla chips. And we even had a transformer's pinata! Carter and Talmage had a lot of fun with that one. Overall it was a pretty fun night. Nathan is a good sport and I'm sure he enjoyed it...even if I didn't plan anything too elaborate. Here are a few pictures from that event.

My attempt at a Valentine's/Birthday Strawberry Cake. The strawberries were sliding off the edge the whole time! Oh well...

The boys (and Avery) with the Transformer's pinata!
Part of our little "Fiesta Birthday Dinner"

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The Thelins said...

That's the best part about Nathan- he really wouldn't mind even if all you did for his bday was go to McDonald's. Happy birthday Natron- you're getting old (though no older than my own old man Jade)!