Friday, October 7, 2016

The first 10 days

Brooks was born on a Monday evening.  The next day, around noon, my mom arrived!  Tante Kristel brought her to the hospital from the airport for me.  I was SO happy to have her here.  She immediately took charge and went to get the other three kiddos from Mandy's house, took them home, and put them to bed.  And she did all this while completely jet-lagged! Brooks and I were discharged from the hospital later that evening, and we were able to get home around 9 pm.  Thankfully, other than the horrible postpartum cramps, I was feeling pretty great.  And I was anxious to be in the comfort of my own home with my family around me.  The next ten days flew by.  My mom took care of all of us.  She cooked, cleaned, and played with my kids.  I am so grateful for her!  She's amazing!  

Brooks continued to be a wonderful little baby.  He slept and ate well and never cried.  What a blessing.

1st Passport Photo!
Tante Kristel brought these strong strings of wool and the kids immediately got creative with them.  I was a little worried someone would accidentally hang themselves so we took them down a few minutes later

This was my first morning at home with Brooks.  The kids hadn't seen him since the first day in the hospital.  They all came running into the room to see us.  Such a tender moment that I will never forget.

Father's Day was that first Sunday after Brooks was born.  Nate and Brooks got matching Star Wars shirts!  "I am your Father" and "Who's your Daddy?"

Mom got everyone to help her weed!

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