Friday, October 7, 2016

Opi Arrives!

My dad arrived on Thursday morning, June 23rd.  That same day, a bunch of our German family came to see us.  Sonny, Sigi, Kristel, and Lelli came.  (Gabi and Kirstin came the week before}  It happened to be one of the hottest days we'd had all summer, so we all did our best to stay cool.  We had several fun little outings while dad was in town.  The local castle in Kusel--Burg Lichtenberg-- was having their annual medieval festival.  The kids decided to dress up in Renaissance clothes, which was actually really cute.  Another day we drove down to Pirmasens to the Dynamicum Science Museum.  After a few hours at the museum, we decided to go see the Teufelstisch--Devils Table--a large rock structure in the middle of a forest with a fun playground nearby.  Then on another day, we visited the Dinosaur Park in Kaiserslautern.  This is seriously one of the most beautiful parks.  I don't know why we don't go more often.  But we had beautiful weather and lots of fun.  That night my parents and Nate and I {and Brooks} went back up to Burg Lichtenberg for dinner and basil ice cream--my favorite!  The time with dad here was way too short, but we were so glad he could come.  My parents are so amazing...I am truly a lucky girl!


We blessed Brooks on June 26.  It was the last Sunday before my parents went back home, so we had to make it happen.  Brooks was a perfect little angel during the blessing and we all felt so happy to be there together.  I'm grateful for a husband who is a priesthood holder and can give these blessings to our children.

Pirmasens DYNAMICUM Science Museum:



TEUFELSTISCH--The Devil's Table:


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