Saturday, August 30, 2014

Girls Camp

I am the Young Women's Secretary in our ward and got asked to put together the Personal Progress Tent at camp this year.  The theme was Come Unto Christ--There's No Place Like Home.  It was so much fun tying the Wizard of Oz into everything that we did.  I was really worried about leaving my kids home with Nate all week, but he did a great job with them and everyone was alive when I returned :).  I didn't take a ton of pictures while I was there, but there are a few.  When the girls were arriving at camp, we had them get settled and then come and decorate a tin can.  Those cans tied in with our Individual Worth Value on 'Tin Man' day...we told the story of the Bucket Filler and encouraged the girls to fill each other's buckets with love all week long.  They were so great about writing sweet notes to everyone, and the cans looked so cute strung up around the canopy.  

The craft ladies had the girls paint these yellow bricks, and we had a devotional the first night where each girl laid their brick down going up a hill to represent the yellow brick road.  At the top of the hill, they rotated through small presentations from the scarecrow, lion, and tin man.  Each character tied their story into a gospel principle.  It was wonderful!

I was so proud of my sign!

I was actually able to leave the campsite for a couple of hours one day and enjoy a beautiful hike in Garmisch with the girls!  How awesome that we got to go to Garmisch for girls camp!?!  (although the 5 hr drive wasn't ideal--nor the daily rain :( )

I think our tent may have been the only one that didn't get soaked that week.  Thanks to Dani Weller for setting it up right!!

These two ladies were in charge of crafts and we got to work together a lot in planning for camp and while at camp!  I was lucky to have them there with me!

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