Friday, August 1, 2014


July was a busy month!  Started off with our Switzerland trip.  Then getting ready for my parents to come.  And getting things ready for Girls Camp in August.  Here were the random pictures that didn't fit anywhere else :).  

Even the kids were exhausted!  (How is that comfortable!?)

Teaching Sawyer how to sand.  Sawyer wasn't too excited about it.

A little game we play with my family called "Where you at?".  Someone texts that to everyone and then everyone has to send a selfie of what they are doing at that moment.  Kinda fun when you all live far apart!

Sawyer's healing toenail.  (Lost the nail under the front door--ouch!)

Isla with her friend, Zach.  They like to feed each other sometimes.

The tree outside of our youth sports building.  My kids always climb that thing so fast when we come out of ballet or karate.  

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