Saturday, December 21, 2013

Schloss Heidelberg

Our next big outing with Nathan's parents was to the castle in Heidelberg.  We had done the Christmas Market there, but I really wanted to go visit the beautiful castle up on the mountain.  It overlooked the whole city along the river and was such a fantastic view!  We even survived a TOUR with our kids!  The tour guide was a super nice French man.  He was so great with the kids.  He paid special attention to them and tried to include them in things.  I was so grateful.  The tour started off in a very 'echoey' room and I thought there was no way we would survive the entire experience.  But in the end, the tour guide even told Nathan that our kids were high-energy but very respectful.  I almost didn't believe my ears when I heard it! ;)  It was a fun day and we even saw the sun off and on!

I was so happy when I discovered these cute selfies of Nathan & Violet on the camera them

I also have to add that I am so proud of my kids for being happy to eat a hearty German roll every now and then.  We pack sandwiches for our day trips and they are totally happy with them!  Wouldn't have imagined they would do that a year ago!

Here is Sawyer with our French Tour Guide.  I was a little nervous when he lifted him on the edge to have a better look! (it wasn't too far down)

And here he had Sawyer and Violet walk down the hall in true Prince & Princess fashion

Sometime later that week we drove up to a castle Ruin in Landstuhl (only about 20 min away).  It was closed but the kids had fun romping around in the rain for a bit

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