Monday, December 30, 2013

Kaiserslautern Christmas Market & Lichtenberg

We managed to make it down to the Kaiserslautern Christmas Market on its last day.  Kaiserslautern is the city nearest to our village (about 30 min away) and it's where we attend church.  On our way down we stopped at Globus to show Ned & Julianne the German Superstore.  We had some dinner there and did some random shopping.  I made the mistake of letting the kids push around their own mini shopping carts.  They've always wanted to do it, but I'm never brave enough to let them when I am on my own.  So I figured this time I would have lots of help.  I was wrong.  Still a nightmare.  For me, it was a pretty chaotic shopping experience.  I think everyone else enjoyed themselves, more or less.  By the end of it, Violet had peed her pants, which was enough to completely soak her socks and shoes as well.  Since we were headed to the Christmas Market, she needed something on her feet.  We decided on a pair of mittens and didn't let her out of the stroller (to her great dismay!).  It was super ghetto.  She seriously looked homeless.  But I had given up on her that night, so I could have cared less at that point!  Besides the Violet disaster, we had a great time at the last Christmas market of the season.  The next day we went back to Lichtenberg castle (where we took our family pictures).  The kids always have a fun time running around the castle ruins there.  And there is a little playground for them too.  We are so lucky to live in a place where we can drive 20 minutes and see such beautiful sights.

Violet with her ghetto mitten socks

A little story about that bonfire up there.  We were sitting around it, and Violet was looking up at the fire embers flying around over her head, and one of them landed on her eyelid!!  It was awful!  Poor Violet was crying so hard, and it was dark so it was difficult to see what had happened.  Thank goodness she shut her eye just in time!  The next day we were able to see that she had gotten a good burn on the outside of her eyelid, right on the inside corner of her eye.  Poor girl.  And this was her 3rd time getting burned in the last week (fireplace and stove were the other culprits).  I guess she got adequately scared of fire and heat that week.  :(  We are grateful neither of the burns ended up being too severe.

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Sabine Schindler said...

The stories you can tell! Glad you're writing it all down. I think they're hilarious (Violet peeing and soaking her shoes and looking like a homeless child) but I can feel your pain! Good thing we always remember the good later on.
I'm so glad poor little Viley didn't get hurt too bad!