Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The month of October was pretty much spent moving into the new house and getting settled.  (Let's be honest, we weren't feeling settled until about 3 months later :))  Besides unpacking, we spent some time exploring the new area, visiting local flea markets, spending time with family and new friends, and of course preparing for Halloween (more about that on the next post).  Nathan and I were also given callings in our new ward.  I was called to be the Young Women's Secretary (SO excited about that!), and Nate was called to be the Scout Master.  The Ramstein Military Ward was split back in May, so there was a lot of work to do in getting the scouts chartered, organized, etc.  He has been working hard these past few months and has gotten a lot accomplished.  And I am loving getting to know the Young Women in our ward.  They are a great group of girls.  

I also finally got Isla in for her 4 month well-check (about 4 days shy of 5 months).  She was doing fabulously.  She is really such a sweet girl, other than that she hates riding in the car.  We are all looking forward to the day that Isla can be happy in the car!  But otherwise she is a very happy and mild-mannered baby.  We all love her to death.  And she doesn't seem to be quite as anxious to move around as her siblings were, so we are grateful for that!  Here were her 'almost 5 month' stats:

Height: 25.39 in (71%) (i think he measured way she is 71%)          
Weight: 13.34 lbs (24%)
Head: 23%

This was in the Temporary Housing on base.  They were in there for a good 15 minutes just cracking up together. 

Sawyer is such a boy.  Here we are at the TLA playground.
...more earthworm exploration
Just enjoying the view from his new bedroom
Sawyer LOVES Isla.  He will be mid-conversation and suddenly notice Isla in the room--then immediately jump to coddling her.  He is also trying to be helpful with Isla, which lately has included even trying to take her out of the crib for me.  Yikes!  We have lots of talks about what is 'helpful' and what is 'dangerous'.

Eating Brats at a flea market in Homburg
Up on the farm roads behind our house...really beautiful views up there
When we found first found the listing for our house, we joked about living in a village called 'Fockenberg'.  Well, that joke has become a reality folks.  Our humble village-->Fockenberg-Limbach.  About 200 inhabitants.  Kind of the boonies, but we love it.
Kids got tired of riding their bikes on the way home...
Nate was trying to get ready for his PT test.  Sawyer couldn't handle all the hills on his little go-cart, so Nate semi-pulled him.  And also decided to stretch himself by pushing the girls at the same time.  
 tired little girl at the BX
Exploring the new house
My cousin gave us this little bouncer while we were staying at Trudy' was a lifesaver
 Our new 'Little Caesars'...much yummier, much more expensive ;)
Sawyer asked for the 'fat cow' milk at the commissary one day...I hadn't even noticed the graphics, lol
A view of our village.  We live up on the top right-ish, but kinda set into a hill there so you can't see our house in this picture.

There is a little wildlife park not far from our house.  We got a season pass.  They have some random play structures for the kids too.  Its a fabulous place for a walk.

Kinda hard to teeter-totter with goats

Towards the end of October, we had a visit from my Aunt Gabi, and my two cousins, Kirstin & Annika.  It was so fun to have visitors!  They came bearing gifts, as usual!  We had such a fun day...lunch, the wildlife park, cake.  Annika brought her kids along (at my request!).  Marlon is 5, and the twins are 3. My kids love playing with them, despite the language barrier.  Unfortunately, between the 5 of them, this was the best picture we could gather.

And another attempt at a group shot before they went home...crazy kids
The wildlife park has a huge bird exhibit.  The bald eagles are pretty impressive.
Sawyer waving to the bald eagle during one of their bird shows

Nate was trying to hang a medicine cabinet for me, but the metal hooks were too long or something.  So he got out the trusty angle grinder, and per my request, put on the gas mask for protection.  Pretty hardcore.

I am so blessed!


Sabine Schindler said...

That's my Sawyer Männel!! playing with earthworms! A boy after my own heart. Love how much he loves Isla. That picture with him and Isla sitting on the bumbo, made me cry! He is so sweet and kind hearted.
Love that little Violet! Great pictures and summary of everything you had going on!! Glad you're settled now.

Sabine Schindler said...

Oh, and I'm so glad you posted the pictures with Annika's kids, even though they were crazy. So happy they came to your cute little village.
Yeah, and could Isla be any cuter!!

Kristie said...

I miss you guys!!! ������