Thursday, October 31, 2013


Ok so this is the cutest mouse I have ever seen!  My mom sent it to me in September, and I just had to pick costumes for the other two, to go along with Isla Mouse.  I just can't get over those cheeks.

So we went with the Knight, Princess, and the Castle Mouse.

Eyeballs and Frankencups for the Ward Halloween eyeballs won for most creative dessert!

Getting a little braver this year...
Who says a dentist can't have fun on Halloween?

We couldn't decide whether to trick-or-treat in our village, or on base.  Trick or treating has only recently gained popularity in Germany.  So not everyone does it.  We were afraid we wouldn't get any houses in our tiny village.  So we decided to check out the scene on base. It was a ZOO.  We should have just turned around after running into the traffic jam trying to get on base.  Only we physically could not turn around on those tiny roads!  So we just went with it.  They did more of like a 'trunk or treat'.  And they had a bunch of carnival games going on.  The kids had a blast.  The parents, well, I think we'll just stick to our village next year.

Sawyer's really getting into this bean bag toss.  It makes me happy.
The Sunday before Halloween...complete with orange shirt and pumpkin tights.
Visited the bakery on Halloween morning.  The kids were excited to see that they had 'americanized' some of the pastries for them :)


Sabine Schindler said...

Yeah, that mouse is the cutest I've ever seen.
Love the hugging picture of Sawyer and Violet, especially Violet's face! So cute.
Awesome Halloween treats, Jess! Cute costumes!!

Kristie said...

Isla Mouse!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh I'm dying. I also really like the picture of Sawyer pelting the bag at the bean bag toss.