Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A few more!

I missed a few pictures from my phone on my previous post.  So I'm going to squeeze those in before I get on with my next 4 posts!

First up...fun times in the backyard.  Loving the weather lately!

Always putting this poor girl in a choke hold!...a loving choke hold, of course :)

30 weeks!
An afternoon at the park...we spend a lot of time at this place...

One of my goals before the baby came was to finally finish a baby book (1st year) for Violet & Sawyer...I'm proud to say that I accomplished that goal a couple weeks ago!
Violet disappeared on night while we were eating at Grandma & Grandpa's, we later found her in the car playing with Grandma's make-up!  Ahhh!
One of my attempts at a sticker chart for potty-training...this one was actually a hit, even though we gave up!
Found a little slide on craigslist for our backyard...it was a hit

Sawyer's preschool had spring break the last week of March so I packed us up and we headed to Arizona for the week!  It was my first time driving that far with both kids by myself and it went really well.  They are old enough now to be completely entertained by movies, so that helps!  It was fun to stay with Kristie and her family.  The cousins were SO happy to see each other!  Thanks for putting up with us and all of our craziness for so long, Kristie!

We, of course, spent a good amount of time at their pool.  Violet learned how to get around with the puddle jumper within about 20 minutes, and Sawyer was ecstatic that he could now touch the bottom of the hot tub.  He's still figuring out the whole swimming thing but he has enough common sense not to jump in the deep end, at least!  Jen and her kids joined us one day, too.  Always good to see them!

About mid-week I drove down to Gilbert to spend the day with Brooke and her family.  We walked around San-Tan Village, ate shaved ice, went to a park, and swam in her hot tub that night.  It was a great time!  (And that is Brynn walking hand in hand with Sawyer, not Violet :)...so cute)

Shared a room with my kiddos while we stayed at Kristie's.  It went much better than I thought and gave me hope for the summer of traveling that lies ahead!  Plus I loved going to sleep with these cuties next to me every night :)
And we made sure to visit the good old train park in Scottsdale one afternoon.  I loved this shot of my cuties riding the train.  Violet's hair is getting so long!

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Sabine Schindler said...

You're so awesome about keeping up with your blog posts. Those pictures and entries will be such a treasure for you and your kids.
I'm glad you made the long trip to AZ with your two kiddos. Cousins always have so much fun together.
I am always amazed at how fast Violet is growing up. Her hair is so long and she's doing funnier and funnier things. Great make up job, Viley!