Monday, June 11, 2012

Some Extras

I was looking through pictures on Kristie's computer the other day and collected a bunch that I didn't have.  So these are all from events I've already blogged about, but for history's sake I wanted to include them on the blog.

The first bunch are from my mom and dad's visit at the end of April:

Next bunch is some Instagrams from Kristie's phone during our Disneyland vacation in February: 

Love this one from the Tower of Terror.  Nathan got us all to put a piece of trail mix on our knee before going down.   Nate and Kristie were successful and see their peanuts floating in front of them.  Sydney and I stopped caring.  And Mitch is looking for his raisin that fell on the floor.  Haha

Kristie and Wes babysat for us one night...the boys just love those monster blankets

This is from our Easter Egg hunt at playgroup
Mia helping Vi with her binky

Babysitting for Kristie at our place...taken with my phone.  Can't believe I got them all to look at the same time.  Fluke moment for sure.

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