Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Ok I think these are the last of the random 'extras' I keep finding all over our computers.  I really need to get organized.  Eventually I'll get to blogging about our Christmas adventures!
Just hanging out at playgroup one day...always happy to be munching on something 
At the playground...deep in thought
We watched Jake and Mia one night while Kristie and Wes went on a date.  It was a perfect opportunity to frost some sugar cookies with the boys.  They did surprisingly well and I promise they had a good time despite the blank faces...I swear this has to be the hardest age for pictures...they never want to look AND smile at the camera!

This was while babysitting Tyler one night...I'm so glad those two get along :)
And another last minute zoo trip before we left for VA...it's too bad my kid feels the need to climb over EVERYTHING...including animal enclosures.  Yikes.
We made sure to visit the JW Marriot at Desert Ridge again for their gingerbread display.  This year it was a Grinch theme.  I was actually amazed that Sawyer let the Grinch hold him...usually he complains that he's scary.  Maybe he was in shock.  Either way, the Grinch gave him a massive lollipop afterwards and that won him over for good.  Looks like I'll be allowed to watch the movie again next Christmas ;)

The hotel had a cute little mailbox for 'Letters to Santa' in their lobby.  Sawyer thought it was pretty cool to put some mail in there all by himself!

Violet just chillin in the lobby at the hotel.

There are a surprising amount of 'winter festivities' in Phoenix around Christmas time.  One of our favorite little out door shopping centers, Desert Ridge, did a Snow Day one Saturday.  Nate took Sawyer and they met up with Kristie and her family for a little fun in the snow!  They even built a little snowman!

We also got to help celebrate Mia's 1st birthday right before we left for VA.  I made the little '1'sie and hat so that she could be extra festive.  SUCH a cute little girl!  Can't believe she's already 1!

I made over 80 cinnamon stars as a party favor for our Relief Society Progressive Dinner this year.    They were actually super easy to make and turned out pretty cute!

Headed out to church one morning...I couldn't resist!


Kristie said...

i'm hosed that i never made those star ornaments for myself. maybe next year :)

Sabine Schindler said...

Those pictures are all so super cute! Thanks for posting them and letting me part of your busy and fun life! The onesy and hat for Mia and cinnamon starts turned out great!! So fun for the boys to live close together!
And for both of your family to do fun things together. Love the pictures with Violet with her silver shoes!! Too cute!