Tuesday, January 31, 2012

5 Years...

On January 27th, Nathan and I celebrated 5 years of a very happy marriage together!  I still remember everything about that special day.  It was so perfect.  And I am still so grateful to have found Nathan and so grateful that we were able to be sealed together forever.  I'm so glad that he always loves me, even when I wear the same sweat pants five days of the week and constantly nag him to pick up his stuff!  Life gets busy and stressful at times, but the good times always outweigh everything else and we have truly been blessed.  And one thing is for sure--life is never dull with Nate!  He is such a great husband and father and I couldn't imagine my life with anyone else!   Happy Anniversary, sweetheart!  I love you!

So this is always a busy time of year for me.  I've got both mom's birthdays in January...then our Anniversary...then Nate's Birthday a couple weeks later...then Valentine's day a week after that.  I always feel so overwhelmed with trying to come up with ideas to make each event special!!  This year we'd all been sick leading up to our anniversary and Nathan's been super busy studying for his boards (which he is going to take on feb 6th & 7th).  So the night before our Anniversary we both realized we hadn't planned a darn thing.  Last minute I was able to pull something together (with a little help from Pinterest!).  I brought 5 balloons (one for each year) to his work.  Each balloon had a wedding picture that coordinated with a little note saying something I loved about him.  His friend helped me disperse them throughout his clinic and then brought him a card (I used our 'thank you' note from our wedding). He then followed the balloons outside to the front where me and the kids were waiting for him with a caramel apple (that's what we had as our wedding favors!).  So I may have embarrassed him a little but I'm pretty sure he loved it :).  Besides, my husband is not one to get easily embarrassed.  We got to spend 15 minutes chatting which was really nice, actually :).  When he got home from work he brought me flowers and a card and then we went on a little date to the temple.  It turned out to be a great day!  

(p.s. I didn't get a chance to blog about that beautiful black suburban behind Nate, yet!  It's our new family car :).  Nathan's sister, Ashley, gave us an amazing deal on it and we are so super excited to have so much room now!  We all love it...I think Sawyer may refer to it as our 'new car' forever.)


Simpson Family said...

aw jess seriously so sweet! LOVED that post. You and Nate are so perfect together! So glad you found eachother :) Happy five years to you!

Sabine Schindler said...

That really is a very nice post!! Happy belated Anniversary, Jess and Nate! And it was a perfect day, I have to say!
Love the idea with the balloons! I can't do that one for Dad though. We wouldn't even have 29 pictures of our wedding and I don't know if I could come up with 29 things I love about him... well, maybe it could be done! :o)
I'm so glad you found each other!!