Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving Break

For Thanksgiving Break we headed up to Las Vegas to be with Nathan's parents.  Actually the whole family was there!  Brooke's family wasn't able to come because Mark had to work...we missed them!  But it was definitely a full house.  Nathan's mom has been begging him to help her build two triple bunk beds in the play room for times like this.  We went back and forth about doing it before the break but it just never happened.  In the end we decided to build them and we all pitched in and pulled together and got one of them built the day before Thanksgiving!  The other one Nathan and his dad finished up on Friday.  I have to brag about my husband.  He practically designed and made up the plans on his own (with a little help from and her double bunk bed plan...we adapted ours from that).   And they turned out so great!  We didn't have time to stain them yet because people were dying to sleep in them!  That'll have to happen later.  Despite the chaos, full house, screaming children, and dozens of trips to Lowe's and Target, it was a pretty successful venture, overall.  :) 
Discussing the plans.  I'm not gonna lie, I helped for the first couple hours and then left
the building to the boys and went out with the girls to buy bedding!
Justin and I were in charge of putting together the head and foot boards.  And don't
let this picture deceive you...Justin did all the work
Sawyer and Taryn testing out the beds and the new bedding...this is one of the rare moments
these two weren't at eachother's necks!

They turned out so great and the kids love them!

We had an ugly sweater party on our last night to kick off the Christmas season...Andrea came well
equipped with lots of fun 'minute to win it' games for everyone to play!  It was a blast.

We also had a white elephant gift exchange...we learned last year to make sure and get
all good gifts for the kids on this one.  You can never go wrong with candy...
My little family forgot to pack our ugly sweaters.  But we managed to find something decent
in the house...haha

The week before driving to Vegas, Erin came to visit all of us AZ folks.  We went to True Foods Kitchen
for Andrea's birthday...


Marianne Thelin said...

Jessica love your blog, so fun to see you guys all together, tripe bunks! that is awesome! I have say that seeing Justin in the driveway with his phone in full operation made me smile!

Kristie said...

It would be so fun to have a reunion with that many little kids involved. maybe one day? awesome bunk beds those are sweet. i wanna see the rest of them whenever i come over next.

Kristie said...

oops, by "them" i mean your vacation pictures. don't know if that was clear :)

Sabine Schindler said...

Fun to look at that blog again and finally comment! I love those bunk beds!! We need to install those in our house one day! :o)
I also like the ugly sweater party idea! You guys are so creative!!! I'm glad you had a good time!