Thursday, December 1, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood and the Gang

We managed to figure out a costume theme for the family this year.  I don't think we need a lot of explanation, but just for fun--Nathan was the hunter, I was the grandma, Violet was Red Riding Hood, and Sawyer was the BIG BAD WOLF (imagine this said very loudly in a 2 yr old voice whilst growling).  I was getting a little worried when he was still trying to tell me the morning of that he was going to be the grandma and I could be the big bad wolf.  But in the end he was happy to be the wolf.  We went trick-or-treating like 3 times total (Midwestern school event, trunk or treat at the church, and a neighborhood up the road with Kristie and her family). Sawyer loved it every time.  We are new to the whole 'getting mounds of candy in one night for our 2 yr old' we pretty much just let him eat it all in like 2 days (minus the chocolate which we promptly set aside for ourselves once he was in bed).  Nathan decided (as the dentist in the family) that it was better to ruin his teeth for 2 days and be done than for him to have a little every day.  I was ok with that because once it was gone I didn't have to deal with the constant struggle to find it/whine for it every day.  But anyways, we had a great Halloween this year!  Even Violet seemed to enjoy all the tromping around.


Kristie said...

thanks for doing so many festive things with us! :)

Sabine Schindler said...

I like the idea of the kids pigging out on candy the first days... I think I kinda did the same thing with you! Although Dad and I probably stole more candy from you guys than you did from your kids! :o)