Monday, November 28, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

We had a super fun Halloween season this year.  Sawyer absolutely loved every minute of it.  The Hurst's came over for pumpkin carving and pizza one night and we all had a great time.  The little boys picked out the design they wanted and the big boys carved them while the little and big girls sat on the couch and talked :).  Perfect.
Alright I'm posting both of these because Sawyer was only in one of them but Violet wasn't looking in that one...

Those boys are so cute

Nathan's pumpkin...way to go honey
I made pumpkin pancakes on the Sunday morning before Halloween!  Yummy!

And this is unrelated but these girls were just so cute the other day!  Ahh!  I can't decide whose cheeks I want to bite into first!

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Sabine Schindler said...

Those are such fun pictures and I'm always happy to see you do things together!!
Nathan's pumpkin turned out great! And those pumpkin pancakes?? Wow! They look like they're painted. The girls are adorable!! I need that picture, please!!