Friday, November 25, 2011

The Deadwood Saloon

Nathan has been dying to throw another Murder Mystery party with his friends from school. Last October I was pregnant in my first trimester which equals tired, nauseous, and unmotivated. So this year I gave in and we put something together within a couple weeks! It's always a lot of work but it's so fun because both Nathan and I get pretty into it and in the end our marriage is still intact! I consider that some successful party planning :). Everyone that came did so great with their costumes and with playing their parts. I also divided up all the food assignments this time which helped out a ton! It was super fun in the end and we all had such a great time! (And I have to give a HUGE thanks to Kristie and Wes for watching Sawyer for us that was so nice of you guys and so great not to have him in our hair during the last few hours before the party) So here are some pictures of our night.

We made saloon doors in the front! Welcome to the Deadwood Saloon!
Our guests!  Aren't their costumes awesome?!  Nate did a great job with photoshop here too...

Banana Bread for party favors

When everyone arrived they received an envelope with a name tag, money, and their 'objectives for the evening

Nate's Grandpa Larson in Mesa lent us this horse saddle. Sawyer thought that thing was so stinkin cool!

We made a little 'back porch' scene out of our sun room. We had a fake fire pit and all the food out there.

We pretty much rearranged all of our furniture for the event!

Nathan made the Wanted Signs. Those are the actual people that came to the party as the 'outlaws'. He did a little photoshop magic on a picture of them...I thought they turned out fantastic!

The 'bar'

Everyone drank out of mason jars or IBC root beer bottles. One of the characters was a bartender and he did a fabulous job playing his role in the kitchen all night!

We all ate out of pie tins

Nathan's firepit creation

The poker table

The Outhouse

Right after the murder took place. That's the Marshall taping the body outline! Hilarious...He and the Sheriff then drug his body to the couch!

Most of the boys that were there that night! (A few had to leave before we took this picture)

And here are most of the girls. I was just so pleased with all of the costumes!!!
Kristie did my hair!  She did a fantastic job, as usual.


Marianne Thelin said...

I am beyond impressed! What fun, and you are right, lots of work! Great job, memories that will last forever!

Sabine Schindler said...

You did such an awesome job, guys!! How fun that both of you like to get into those kind of activities.