Monday, May 9, 2011

Sawyer Turns 2!

On Friday, April 29th, Sawyer Rafe turned 2 years old! I can't believe I have a 2 yr old. It's so crazy how fast the time flies. Unfortunately I don't have many pictures from his birthday. We had a super fun day, but I'm still learning how to juggle everything with 2 kids (and that includes carrying around a camera and actively using it). We were going to have a full blown birthday party at the train park, but I decided a week before that that might be a little over-zealous of me at the time. So we'll do a big party for # 3 next year. But we did have a fun little family party for him . Nathan's sister Ashley was in town with her two oldest girls, Macie & Marley. So Brooke and her family, Andrea, and Ashley with her girls all met us at Uncle Glen's amazing pool. We had fun in the sun all afternoon and Sawyer loved the attention he got from all his cousins! When we walked into the pool they all started singing Happy Birthday to took him a second to realize that it was all directed at him...but once he did he soaked up every minute of it with a grin on his face! He also became ALOT more comfortable with the water that day. We have floaties that have a connecting piece in the front of the body...he's never been to fond of it up until now...but his daddy and cousins took him in the water a ton and he is now a Pro. He will even jump off a bridge about 3 ft above the water with no one to catch him below...he sinks down a little and the floaties bring him back up...he LOVES it! we come!! After our pool adventures we headed over to Grandma & Grandpa Larson's house for some dinner. It was a fun-filled day.

So a few words about Sawyer...what an energetic kid! He is still such a busy boy. Now add to that the typical 2 yr old tantrums and! I can't believe how easy having a newborn has been compared to what I go through with Sawyer on a daily basis. But while he definitely fights me on many issues throughout the day...I often have to remind myself that if I am patient with him and get his attention I am almost always able to redirect him and keep things under control (almost always ;) )...
And then there are so many fun things about this age as well. He is talking up a storm, and I can pretty much understand everything he says. He is so loving and will ask for hugs or blow me kisses or ask me to cuddle with him at night. He loves reading books now and we sit with him in his bed every night and read a couple. He enjoys singing songs, especially the ones with hand motions. We just started having him repeat prayers with's hilarious because he whispers the entire thing so quietly that we can barely tell if he is speaking...then at the end he YELLS amen! He even likes going to nursery now (thank goodness). Sawyer LOVES trains...we have expanded his wooden Ikea train set and it now fills the coffee table...that is probably his #1 toy and the only one he will spend a fair amount of time playing with. He still prefers technology and anything that belongs to us over any toys. At the Apple Store the other day he was playing with an Ipad and the sales person called her manager over to see the '2 yr old promoter' that was navigating the Ipad as well as any adult. Haha...we are seriously in trouble with this one. He loves his little sister...calls her "Baby Vite...or Vat"...and tells her she is 'so cute' all the time. I am continually impressed with how quickly he learns things and how much he retains. He is constantly saying words that I don't remember ever saying or teaching him. He's a smart kid and full of life. I've c0me to realize that perhaps he can teach me a lot more than I can teach him...and I'm trying to follow his example and take the time to stop and smell the roses. As someone said at church yesterday...the days may drag by, but the years will fly by! With all of the transitions that I've been going through lately, that has been the best advice ever. And with that perspective, the chaotic happenings of my every day life have seemed to diminish and I am fully appreciating the joys that come with being the mother to such a sweet little boy. Happy Birthday Sawyer! We love you!!!!
So I bought the cake from Costco this year..but I did make the fondant cake topper!!

On the morning of his birthday we took both kids to the doctor for well-checks (Sawyer's 2 yr & Violet's 2 wk). Poor Sawyer had to get a vaccine on his birthday :(. He got over it pretty quick and was super excited about his cool bandaid. Here are the stats for both:

Sawyer (2 yrs):
30.6 lbs (80%)
36.75 in (96%)
49.5 cm head circ. (72%)

Violet (16 days):
8lb 1 oz (34%)
20.5 in (46%)
35.5 cm head circ. (55%)


Meghan and Tyler said...

Happy Birthday Sawyer!!! I can't believe he is two, and I can't believe Violet is 2 weeks old. I am with you on the scaling things back for the 2 year old party. I did, and I didn't even have to worry about juggling a baby. It just made things easier. I loved the train set you made for his cake though. You are so creative. I am excited to see how this summer goes for Kait. She talks about swimming all the time, so it will be fun to see if she actually enjoys it more. I can't believe Sawyer jumps into the pool himself. That is awesome.

We miss you guys. Give Sawyer a birthday hug from us. Love you,

Kristie said...

way to go on that cake topper--i'm super impressed :) and I'm excited to spend so much time together this year! I love my cute little niece and nephew!

Marianne Thelin said...

The years are flying fun to see your little family! Thanks for sending a card to Mutti, she loved the pictures, and she looks at them over and over throughout the day. Very thoughtful of you! love you, m:)

Sabine Schindler said...

I finally read this very cute post, Jess! I love how much you love your cute little Sawyer!! I'm so glad I got to spend two weeks one on one with him and definitely have to agree with everything you said! His sweet hugs, smile, voice, hands... make every other crazy moment totally worth it!! I just love him and miss him very very much!! And yes... the cake topper is awesome!! :o)
Happy Birthday Sawyer!!