Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day & 1 Month Old

Ok so I'm a little frustrated right now because I already wrote & published this post yesterday and somehow it has just disappeared!! I have no idea what happened... So I'll try to recreate it as best I can (at least it wasn't one of my massively long posts).

I had a fantastic Mother's Day this year! Nothing huge...just a great day spent with my family. We were all happy and healthy and the weather was nice and church was wonderful...what more can you ask for?! Nathan did get me some blackout curtains for Sawyer's room in hopes that he would sleep in a little later for me. I thought that was such a thoughtful gift! And he even walked to Costco with Sawyer on Saturday night in 90+ degree weather to get me flowers (cause I had the carseats in my car and was out with Violet). What a guy! I felt very loved and appreciated all day and I couldn't be happier about being the mother to these two awesome kiddos. There isn't another job in the world that would bring me more joy than this one! And thank you to my own mommy and all the wonderful women in my life who are such great examples to me each day!
Outside of church on Mother's Day
I can't get this goof to smile normal for the camera anymore!!
I know, I know...the flower is huge. But I couldn't resist!!
Violet turned 1 month old on Wednesday! She's growing up so fast, haha :)
I just love this little expression...hilarious


Kristen said...

Both of your kids are so cute Jess! And Happy Mother's Day! We got black out curtains for the girls room and it helped a little (they were waking up around 6am everyday, sometimes earlier). But what helped the most, was we got a CD player alarm clock that plays piano music at the same time every morning and told them they could come out when the music turns on. The first day we set it for 6am and kept moving it back by 5-10min everyday. After 3 days, both of them totally got the idea and now, the music comes on at 7:50am and almost every other day it actually wakes them up! So anyway, just throwing the idea out there because I know how hard it is to be waking up when it's still dark outside for the day.

jonathan and andrea said...

blogger was driving me crazy the other day. deleting posts...putting them back up...etc.

anyway, you're darling, and so is your family, and i love ya. happy (late) mother's day, jess!

KevandChels said...

your new sweet girl is adorable. i love flower names. my daughter is jillian rose. if my hubby had been on the bandwagon our third might have been petunia:) you look great too! congratulations!!

Sabine Schindler said...

Ahhh!! I am just sooo happy reading this post! It IS the best job in the world to be a Mom and now... a Grandma! :o) And the best present IS to be with your family. I'm glad you had a great Mother's Day and that Nathan did wonderful things for you. Blackout curtains!! What a great idea! And walking to Costco for flowers!! Go Nathan!! Violet is getting cuter all the time and she's changing so much! The flower is huge but very cute!! :o)