Saturday, April 23, 2011

Week 1

Violet will be 2 weeks old tomorrow! I figured I'd better try and get caught up before I get too far behind. Here are some pictures from our first week with Baby Violet, or Baby Vite, as Sawyer so lovingly calls her :).

Here we are coming home from the hospital. Sawyer seemed fine with the baby...until I sat down to feed her. That's when the drama began! Sawyer was so upset about this...he spent the next 5 minutes crying and screaming "Eat Da Booby!!" (don't ask me where he got this phrase from?!) while trying to push Violet's face off of me. All I can say is she will be one tough little girl. Thank goodness we haven't had a repeat of that scenario again. Overall Sawyer has done really well with her. He seems to be pretty indifferent most of the time. Occasionally he will try and smother her with loves and we find ourselves repeating the phrase, "Be Soft", many times throughout the day. The worst part has been that Sawyer had a fever the first night we were home and has been dealing with a nasty cold since then so it's been a bit of a challenge trying to keep him from sharing his germs with his little sister (not to mention Nathan and I have both come down with the cold as well).
She's been sleeping in a little Moses Basket that a friend gave me cause we can't find the poles to our pack n play. She seems to be fine with it :).
A cute little moment
Our first doctor's visit for Violet (4 days old)...thank goodness my mom came with me! I don't know that I want to take both kids to the doctor by myself EVER! (at least not until Sawyer grows up a little) Here are Violet's 4-day stats:
7lb 4oz (33%)---already regained her birth weight + some!
19.5 in (44%)---1/2 inch shorter than birth? haha
33.75 cm head circumference (66%)

Violet pretty much spends each day propped up on her boppy on the couch sleeping...what a sweet baby.

We had some visitors! Aunt Andrea and Uncle Paul came to see us Wednesday night and Brooke and her 3 girls came the following afternoon. Brynn and Violet are only about 2.5 months apart...they will be great friends I'm sure!

Jen, Isac and Tyler came to see us too!

Have I mentioned how amazing my mom is at playing with little kids! Sawyer was introduced to a whole new world of make-believe with her around! I was so grateful for all the time she spent with him...he loves his Omi!
Of course she made time to snuggle with Violet as well!
My mom grabbed the camera quick when she saw what was going on here! I guess this is our new life, huh?! :)

So all in all the first week went very smoothly. Recovery has been about a million times better than it was with Sawyer (including nursing...much better this time around). And having your mom around makes everything so much easier! I've been so blessed!


Linsey said...

Wow, she's pretty! Great pictures, congratulations!

Isac and Jen Simpson said...

Oh Jess I just love all your pics!! So fun to be a family of four :) So much fun!

Sabine Schindler said...

I'm sooo happy I could welcome and be part of Violet's first week of life and spend so much time with my cute little Sawyer! You are a trooper, Jess! You are already doing such an amazing job with everything and don't really need a Mom around. :o) But I would be so happy to live closer and help out here and there! Miss you guys sooo much!!