Saturday, April 16, 2011

Before the Baby

Before I get started on all the new baby pictures and the birth story, I'm going to throw in any last pictures from the week before. We had a nice little surprise a couple weeks ago when my sister, Kristie, told me that her husband had accepted a job offer here in Scottsdale! Wes will be starting his new job the first of May and Kristie will move down here with Jake and Emilia the beginning of June. We are so excited! Even though we've only got a year left here in Phoenix I am so looking forward to spending time with my sister and having our kids play together! So kind of last minute Kristie booked a flight down here to check out some housing situations...she wanted to overlap the time a little with my mom's visit, but she didn't want to be in our way once the baby came. So she came out Wednesday night (April 6th), my mom came Friday night, and then Kristie left on Tuesday. It was so much fun to spend a few days with both of them before the big day. While in the hospital on Monday, Kristie watched Sawyer for us so that my mom could be there for the delivery. It was nice to know that my mom had some company at home while I was in the hospital. Kristie was able to come see the baby on Monday before flying home. It really worked out so well. We were so grateful for all of her help as well...not to mention the fact that I got my hair done by my favorite hair dresser before D-Day! :)

So here are a few pictures from that weekend together...
We had to spend one afternoon at San Lagos swimming! Love that place!
One night we headed over to Scottsdale to check out the area where Wes will be working. We went to Chipotle and H&M and just walked around a little...
Just a cute picture of my little man chowing down on his chimichanga!
The next few are from the Lowe's Free Clinic that we took Sawyer to on Saturday. It was his first time and he enjoyed it for a few minutes...but then found himself distracted by all of the other fun things going on at Lowes...we might have to give him a few more months before we try it again.

My mom took him for a ride on the 'Choo Choo Rain' at the mall. (sorry all of these pictures are so blurry...don't know what happened with that)

Cute little Mia and my mom before church on Sunday!
I spent a lot of time just chillin with my little Sawyer that weekend...soaking in our last couple days together before baby girl made her debut.

One final Sunday belly shot (39.2 wks)


Linsey said...

So there's a new baby!!! Pictures please! Not that you don't probably have your hands full at the moment, but when you have time, pictures please!

Meghan and Tyler said...

Jess, I can't believe how good you looked just before delivery! And I can't believe Kristie is moving down to your neck of the woods. I am excited for you guys...You are killing me though...the suspense of seeing baby Larson is intense :). I've heard she is adorable (no doubt). I hope you are doing well. i am sure you are just super busy now. Goog luck with everything. We love you guys and can't wait to see baby:)

Kristie said...

excellent pre-baby post. thanks for letting Mia and I invade for those last few days. love you, can't wait to live close by again :)

Laura and Joseph said...

Congrats on your new little one. I hope you post pictures of her soon. I'm sure she is beautiful! :)