Thursday, May 13, 2010

Virginia, Part 1

I figured rather than getting home after 2.5 wks in VA and having to write a MASSIVE blog post, I'd go ahead and start while I was here. So here are pictures from my first week in VA. I was SOOOO worried about the flight here. Sawyer does NOT like to be restrained and 4.5 hrs in a small space sounded like the most dreadful thing I could ever do. But luckily the middle seat in my row was empty and they let me bring my carseat on with me. Sawyer doesn't particularly love his carseat, either, but it was the only way I could actually keep him still and he managed to fall asleep for the first hour (which would have NEVER happened on my lap). With enough switching up of the activities we somehow survived and he did relatively well--much better than anticipated. We'll see how the flight home's at least an hour longer going west...ugh.

This was shoe shopping at Old Navy the second day I got here.

As previously mentioned in my last post, Sawyer had a 3rd birthday party out here in VA. My mom did a great job with the 'Under the Sea' theme. The kids (and adults) had a great time. Thanks mom!

Please note the tuna 'fish' sandwiches and the PB&J's shaped like suns. :)

We had a great time putting these cupcakes together! (That is blueberry yogurt cake, in case you were wondering)
Shopping at Short Pump in Richmond. Sawyer, unfortunately, loves purses. Sydney was more than happy letting him carry hers around for her :)
They had these cute little play houses at Short Pump. It was a miniature railroad station...Sawyer thought it was pretty cool.
Playing with grandma in the fountains.

One day I was busy doing something and Sawyer was in the kitchen with my mom...out of no where I heard my mom scream, 'Ahhhh!'. I came in to find this going on...She was like, "oh my goodness! He's so fast!" And you're trying to release his grip on one thing as he attacks another with his other hand. That's pretty much how our days go...Sawyer investigates anything and everything he comes across VERY THOROUGHLY while mommy cleans up behind him...just can't seem to keep up!!
We made the traditional stop at Eileen's for lunch yesterday. SO yummy!

We made the traditional stop at Eileen's for lunch yesterday. SO yummy!
My mom is recovering her outside furniture. Sawyer thought the sewing machine was pretty neat.


Dan and Linsey said...

It's amazing how much he's changed, he truly doesn't look like a baby anymore! Looks like your having fun, let's get together when you get back into town.

Kristie said...

oh man. this makes me homesick real bad. I'm glad you guys are having a good time, I love all the pictures!!!! great job on the themed party mom! it wouldve been soo fun to have that party for both boys :)

The Thelins said...

Excellent decision to do an early post. It's so hard trying to remember and do one big one, plus I got to see all these pictures. Sawyer is so stinking cute. I feel like I know him which is crazy because we still haven't met (which is also crazy). Just a couple more months! Have a great trip Jess.

Jerai Moulton said...

Super cute! I'm jealous that you're all wearing shorts and swimming outside! Ahh! And Sawyer already looks so much bigger from when I saw him at the end of March! Crazy!

Isac and Jen Simpson said..., so, so cute! What a fun post. It looks like you guys are having such a good time! We miss you and Sawyer tons but are so glad you are having such a fun time!

Meghan and Tyler said...

What an adorable post! I love that you did part one, that just means that I get to look forward to part two! Oh my Sawyer is so cute. I love the third to last picture. There is something in the eyes that says that he is up to something. I love it!!! Also, I love the picture of him destroying your moms baking drawer. I think that two our two little people could be great friends :) Kaitlin loves parchment paper. I usually just tear off a piece so that she will leave the rest alone. She tries to color it, but it doesn't work too well...oh well. Can't wait to see the rest of your trip. Give your family hugs from us.

Jeremy and Kristin said...

Can I just say that you have the cutest little boy... I just want to squeeze him. I love love your family photo too. We miss you guys...

Tracy and Odie said...

ok, that third to last photo of sawyer is ADORABLE. i am so going to have to get that same shirt! so sad we missed you guys.

joven said...
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DeWayne said...

He's so big! Wish we were still around to come visit dangit. We miss you guys