Monday, May 24, 2010

VA Part 2

Well it's hard to believe that my 2.5 wks in VA is over. The time seriously flew by so fast! We had such a great time and kept ourselves plenty busy. Aside from all of the fun things we did with Sawyer, we also threw two bridal showers for Sydney. I'm going to blog separately about those. But here's a few (wink) more pictures from our trip. The flight home was definitely harder than the one going out there, mostly because it was a full flight and I didn't have an empty seat to bring my carseat on. So it turned into quite the physical struggle between me and the lap child for 4 hours. Thankfully I was able to force him into a sleep the last hour, haha. All in all, we survived, and I'm glad the flight is over with. We miss my parents and Sydney and David so much already, but it's also nice to be back with Nathan again.
My dad was able to take a day off (which is actually a huge sacrifice because he has been busier than any one I've ever seen lately) so we went down to the little children's zoo in Richmond one day.

He wasn't so sure about the goat licking the food out of his hand. Neither was I :).

Sydney and I went for a run one morning and Sawyer wanted to come we took him along for about 5 feet...
David's school had their 'Special Olympics' while we were there. It was a beautiful day and Sawyer had a blast running around on the track and field. David won first place in the 25 m usual. Go David!!

We hung one of Syd's shirts around Sawyer's shoulders and thought he looked pretty funny as 'Sir Sawyer' and Goliath.
At the mall shopping for wedding stuff...a 12 hour day of shopping! ugh!!! Sawyer handled it pretty well actually.
The mall on another day. They have a pretty sweet little play area. Sawyer loved it.


Kristie said...

these make me so homesick! I'm glad you survived your flight home :)

The Thelins said...

Ohhh so fun! Sorry about the flight. I swear I'm going to quit flying with my toddler until she is able to sit quietly and watch a movie or something. Your trip looks like it was so much fun, and I know your family was happy you were there. A big congrats to fast David.

Meghan and Tyler said...

ya, I've been checking all week for part two! I am sorry about your flight, and all alone. I bet you were exhausted by the time you got home. We are having a hard time sitting for 3 hours of church, so I can't even imagine a 5 hour plane ride. I loved the pictures of sir Sawyer and Goliath. That is too funny.

Molly said...

It was nice to have you here for awhile! We just took Olivia to the mall's play place for the first time the other day, and she loved it, too! We can't wait to go back.