Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2 Years

Today is our 2 year anniversary and I figured since I wasn't a part of the blogging world when we did get married that I'd share a few pictures from that wonderful day! I love thinking about my wedding day. It was perfect. I couldn't have imagined anything more. Every detail just came together so well. Beautiful weather, awesome decorations, delicious food, amazing family and friends...I get warm fuzzies just thinking about it. And best of all, I was sealed to my sweet Nathan for time and all eternity. What an amazing thing. I am so grateful to be with him and for all of the wonderful times we've shared since then and for all of the great things we have before us. He is so perfect for me and continues to love me, support me, and make me laugh every day! I can't wait to see him in the 'daddy role' in just a few months! :) He really is a wonderful husband and I am so grateful to have him as my companion and friend forever and ever!

(ok...enough sap. sorry...but let's face it, Nathan usually gets laughed about and made fun of when commented on on this blog...so I figured he deserved a little credit and for everyone to know how much I really do love him!)

Just some pictures from that beautiful day...mostly to show you all how much fun we had ;)

This was Nathan's idea...not that anyone would think otherwise
Showin' off the bling. Good thing Nathan is now wearing his 3rd wedding ring in only 2 years! (I take that back...the good thing is that we never spend more than $30 on his rings!)
The standard portrait picture

Great shot of the temple

This is Nathan's favorite picture so I had to put it in there!
This is just a candid of us having a good time at our reception! I love it because it really shows how much fun we were having and how happy we were!
Outside our reception center at sun-down...beautiful
Great Night


Kristie said...

yay! happy anniversary!

rob, jax & max: the harmon squad said...

Happy Anniversary! It was a great day- I'm glad we got to come up for it. And I'm not sure if I ever told you how much I LOVED your dress. It was gorgeous!

Megan said...

Happy Anniversary!

Sydney Marne said...

WHOA BABY. happy anniversary. cheddle.

Marianne Thelin said...

Happy Anniversary! One day before Mutti & Vati's:)

I'm glad we could be there to share the day with you, I do remember how wonderful it all was! You guys make a great team, can't wait to see the addition in a couple of months:)

Jonathan and Andrea Forsyth...and baby said...

happy anniversary!!! yall make our nine months look pretty lame:)

go drink a few bottle of sparkling cider for me (oh man, do i love that stuff...)

love ya!

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary!

The Thelins said...

I remember that day! It was so beautiful. You were a gorgeous bride. I'm glad we got to be there with you guys. Happy #2! It just keeps getting better from here.

Shelli said...

beautiful! and happy anniversary! i hear from erin that you are the cutest pregnant woman ever! i can't wait for you to hold your little boy, being a momma is the greatest, i feel like i fall in love with my babies more everyday!

and to answer your question about changing the text... i'm not sure. my husband is the computer savvy one, i'm pretty sure he did it with photoshop, but i don't know how exactly.

Rachel said...

Happy anniversary! And very cute pictures!!

Brett Em & Berkley said...

gorgeous wedding pictures! Im glad you posted them. we wanted to go so bad but were at the time poor as usual. Congrats on the anniversary and good luck with being pregnant I hope it goes quick for you

The Gronemans said...

It looks like you're wdding day was wonderful. You looked beautiful and I love how happy you and Nathan are!