Saturday, January 23, 2016

Other June Happenings

Before the Thelins came to visit, we had a few things happen around here.  Sawyer graduated from Kindergarten!  We were grateful to have Ms. Oswald as a teacher.  She was wonderful for him.  And he got the 'nutrageous' award, for being such a nut.  As well as the bubblicious award, for being so bubbly.  Yay Sawyer!  He also finished up his season of Tball.  

After our cruise, we threw a surprise 80s party for my friend Mandy...Nate was happy for a chance to bust out the MC Hammer pants.

Father's Day happened while on the cruise, so we celebrated the following Sunday with a little breakfast in bed.  

And Nate took the kids and their friend Embree to the movies while we babysat for their family for a couple days.  

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