Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Happenings

No big trips for the month of June, but we managed to pack it full of other activities!  There's a really fun science museum in Pirmasens (about 45 min away).  We all loved it there.  We need to go back soon.

Sawyer typically goes along on all the boy-scout campouts.  Nate figures if he has to go camping all the time he might as well take his boy along.  They love it.  And Violet and I love our girls' nights (complete with a Barbie movie, nail painting, and popcorn).  

There's a zip-line at the campsite in our village.  Pretty fun.

Dinner with friends at a German restaurant nearby.

Finally got the bikes rolling!  There's a bike trail in a neighboring village with the cutest little stop along the way.  It's called The Bike-In.  A little house set up for selling ice cream and other refreshments.  So fun!

We also had fun at a medieval fair at the Lichtenberg Castle in Kusel

 Violet also started Ballet/Tap in June.  She is loving it!  And she is such a good little student.  Always listening and paying attention.  And so dang cute!

I was trying to get Isla to show us her chipped front teeth.  Poor girl :(

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