Friday, April 4, 2014

Brookes Lee

Nathan has been getting into his Family History lately.  He rediscovered his grandma, Mona Larson's,  life story that she had given us a few years back.  He's been reading it like crazy and telling me all the fun stories!  He also learned some more about his Great Uncle, Mona's brother.  Brookes died in WWII on a Bomber plane.  He was buried in an American Cemetery in Lieges, Belgium.  As soon as we found that out, we just had to go!  It was a really neat experience for us.  The cemetery was really beautiful and peaceful.  We had a tender moment sitting there, thinking about the sacrifices that Brookes made for our freedom.  Nathan read from Mona's book to the kids.  It was a moment we will always remember.  

The man working at the cemetery put some sand from the Beaches of Normandy on the gravestone, so that we could see the words better.  We were also able to get a grave rubbing.

Violet may have been pouting a little...but we like to pretend she was just being especially reverent like we asked her to be.  :)

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