Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Favorite Things Party & Valentine's Day

 My friend, Mandy, had the great idea to throw a 'Favorite Things Party'.  I was all about it, because, 1.  I love to throw a good party, and 2.  The theme sounded like so much fun!  We asked everyone to bring their 'favorite thing'.  The item needed to be around a $6 value, and you had to bring five of that same item.  When they arrived they put their own name in a jar, 5 times.  We later had everyone introduce their 'favorite thing' and then pull 5 names out of the jar...those 5 people would get that item.  So in the end everyone would walk away with 5 new things.  It was really fun and people got very creative.  I think the best part was just seeing what people came up with.  Not to mention, it's always fun to get together with out kids every now and then.  ;)  We had a sugar cookie dessert bar, with fruit for toppings.  It was a blast.

Valentine's Day was two days later.  We always focus mainly on the kids for Valentines Day.  It's just more fun that way.  Besides, we have birthdays and Anniversary in the two weeks before that, so we've had plenty of 'us' time by then.  They got crepes with strawberries and whip cream hearts for breakfast, then heart shaped sandwiches for lunch.  That night we surprised them with going to see the new Legos movie, which we ALL LOVED!  It was so funny.  Even Isla went.  She did ok, but I don't see myself taking her to any more movies in the near future.  After the movie we ate at Johnny Rockets and went home.  A fun day for all of us. 

Valentine's Day...

Isla's Breakfast...strawberry, raspberry baby cereal.  I seriously LOVE this stuff.  Almost better than crepes.
Sawyer thought he was so clever, putting his PB&J heart over his heart ;)
 This was my first attempt at 'Pinterest hair'...not too shabby.  Completely lopsided, but cute nonetheless.

 I love Violet, covering her ears, in the background

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Sabine Schindler said...

So cute!! I love all the things you do for and with your kids! And I definitely have to copy that party idea!