Thursday, February 21, 2013

A little 'Snow-cation' to the Ranch

We'd been planning on taking our kids to the Ranch sometime this winter to experience the snow for a couple of days.  President's Day Weekend was the perfect time for us to do it!  We drove up Friday night and spent Saturday and Sunday there and then drove back Monday.  Nathan's parents came along and Erin, Kasey & cute little Beckham joined us as well!  It was a blast.  Just relaxed inside, ate good food, played board games, watched movies, and, of course, got our fill of sledding, snowman making, and 4 wheeling.  The whole experience reminded me that the snow is a little bit of a pain, though :).  The kids weren't too crazy about getting all their snow gear on every time we went outside...but they sure looked cute!!
Nathan went down with a neighbor boy and was sitting on his knees...his shins ended up getting completely rocked by the plastic lip at the back of the sled before he finally bailed.  
The truth is, that's about as far as we got in making a snowman...the snow was about a week old so not the best for rolling...
Nathan won 'daddy of the year' for building the kids this igloo out of the available snow on the porch. 

Unfortunately the kids didn't seem to appreciate it as much as he'd hoped :(...thanks anyways Nathan!  At least you got a workout!!
Despite Violet's expression, she was obsessed with riding on the 4 wheeler.  She couldn't get enough of it!
Sure makes sledding easier when you don't have to trudge up the hill every 2 minutes!

Nathan bought some Chinese Lanterns online so we brought them up to the Ranch for their maiden voyage!  It was pretty sweet.  Everyone enjoyed watching them float into the starry sky.

Violet's other favorite activity...swinging
I love that the collar of her coat is completely blocking her view!

Nathan's mom's cousin, Russ, lives on the ranch property and he had some of his sleds out for us to use.  This was the coolest little thing we'd ever seen!  It had a brake on it too.  Sawyer LOVED it!  And I have to say, he looked pretty cool riding it with daddy's snowboarding goggles on!


Kristie said...

ok that looks so fun. Jealous!!! sawyer looked super cool on that sled with the goggles. and I'm still so obsessed with Violets coat. she'll get a lot of use out of that thing next winter in Germany, if it still fits her! :)

The Thelins said...

Your kids are so cute. What a fun trip! The pictures made me miss Utah- but only a little. Nathan definitely won dad of the year for building that snow cave- those are a pain!

Sabine Schindler said...

I LOVED looking at all the fun pictures! It reminded me a little bit of our yearly outings to "Big Bear".
Those are some sweet sleds! I'm sure they added a lot to the fun. Sawyer looks so cool sitting on them with his googles on. Kudos to Nathan for building the snow cave! And for ordering the Chinese lanterns. I didn't even know they really existed outside the "Tangled" world. The best is the picture where Violet wears your red hat. Jess!!! This was yours, when you were little. She looks like a mini you!! Thanks for sharing all the fun you had!!