Friday, November 2, 2012


It has been FAR too long since I've participated in the blogosphere.  I don't think I have ever not blogged for this length of time.  And as it kept getting longer and longer, I finally decided I just need to start back up again from right now...and if I ever get around to catching up the last 5 months then great...if not, oh well.  Here is a little time-line of the things that happened over the past 5 months (it's been crazy...which is why I have gotten so far behind!)
Moved out of the apartment in Phoenix and headed to Vegas
Drove back to Phoenix so Nathan could go on the scuba trip with his Young Men while I got some quality play time with my sister, sister-in-laws, and my good friend Jen.
Drove back to Vegas for a week with his parents and house hunting
Found a house that would let us start renting the beginning of August.
Went to our annual Larson Ranch week in Utah
Flew from SLC to VA with the kiddos while Nathan drove the car back to Vegas and flew from there to Alabama for his 5 weeks at COT (commissioned officer training)
Spent the next 5 weeks in VA with my parents and Kristie and her kids
For 2 1/2 wks during that time my mom, sisters, me, and the 4 kiddos flew to Germany for my Omi's 90th birthday celebration...(that in and of itself is the reason I have been so intimidated by the thought of blogging....soooooo many pictures and soooo many stories)
August 4th the kids and I flew back to Las Vegas where we had a sweet reunion with Nathan and moved right into our new home!
Nathan started his job at Nellis Air Force Base in the Dental Residency program
The rest of the month was spent unpacking and getting settled
More getting settled
Sawyer started preschool!
Weekend visits from Andrea & Paul, then from Ashley & Justin (and jeremy, kristin, jade, & ashton), Brooke, and Kristie+kids.  Lots of visitors=tons of fun and no time for blogging :)!!!
No more Binky for Violet...and no more morning naps :)
And of course......HALLOWEEN!!!

Which brings me to these pictures.  We got to go trick-or-treating on several occasions this year.  Our own ward party, then we went to Nate's parents ward party, Sawyer's preschool had a little party, and then the official Halloween night :)

On this particular night my little superheroes were a little grumpy...once we got some food in their bellies they had a lot more fun!


Sabine Schindler said...

Good job getting started, Jess! I know it's hard to catch up on anything when you're way behind.
I loved the grumpy Super Hero pictures!! And I'm glad they had so much fun for Halloween.

The Thelins said...

Welcome back! Love Violet's little Wonder Woman costume. How did getting rid of the binky go?