Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Larson Family Ranch Trip

This post is way overdue. But better late than never, right?! Right. So pretty much every summer since I married Nathan we have spent a week at the Ercanbrack Ranch in Provo Canyon. This year we kind of meshed the event together with Sydney's wedding, because Nathan could not take off for more than a week. So when the wedding festivities were over (Thursday morning for me and Wednesday morning for Nathan), we headed up to the Ranch to meet the rest of the family up there. As usual, it was a blast! This was the first year that all 5 kids were married and everyone was there! Needless to say, it was a little crammed :). It's a good thing we all enjoy each other's company so much! Other than Sawyer coming down with a cold and teething while we were there, we had so much fun. Here are a few pictures of our adventures.
This was actually taken the morning that everyone went home, hence the pj's and such. A pretty classy bunch, eh? :)
One afternoon we all sat around and launched rockets...
This was Sawyer's reaction to the entertainment...actually I think this was his permanent facial expression the whole weekend...poor little guy :(
Nathan's dad brought up some huge pieces of industrial plastic to make a slip 'n' slide. I have to admit it was pretty awesome! They slid right into the pond!
This little duo enjoyed running around naked for most of the weekend. They got along pretty well this year, we'll see how it goes next year.
Sawyer totally figured out how to spray the hose. He loved it!
The first day that I went up the family had rented a boat on Deer Creek Reservoir for a few hours. Sawyer's first time out on a motor boat...being cuddled by his cousin, Marley.
He wasn't actually a huge fan of the experience. Probably cause he was just so tired. He actually fell asleep in my arms right here! That NEVER happens! Must have been the noise and motion of the boat. I was in heaven. Any chance to cuddle my little boy for longer than 2 seconds is so wonderful.
Nathan and I took him on the inter tube behind the boat. Don't worry, we were going super slow and there was no way we were falling out of that thing! He was doing fine until...
We hit a bump and he got splashed right in the face! This picture is so hilarious. And that was the end of that. (Click to enlarge--it's worth it to see his face a little closer)
There's a huge smudge on the lens right over Sawyer's face. He doesn't look so happy to be confined in that life vest.
Doing a little better with daddy...
His favorite part was just playing on land in this boat with his cousins.
Sawyer and Mar this.
Justin and I decided to take Sawyer and Taryn back to the ranch for a nap. They were SOOO wiped out. I had to try so hard to keep them awake for that 20 min drive!


Jerai Moulton said...

First of all, you're right. It was worth it to enlarge the picture. Not only is Sawyer's face telling of the experience he was having, but so was yours and Nathans. You were worried about Sawyer and Nathan was just enjoying the ride oblivious of anything else. Hilarious. Glad that you had a fun time! Jealous that you got to spend time with Justin and Ashley and their kids! I love them! Miss you guys. Let me know if you have decided when you're going up to Provo. And congrats again on baby number 2. So very exciting!

Kristie said...

How did I never see these pictures?? we need to screenshare more often. good job on getting that post done, i know it feels good to get caught up. loved all the pictures, also call me tomorrow and let me know the dates you'll be up here.. i'm trying to update my calender. everyone seems to need hair done before baby time, and i wanna schedule all that away from your trip :)

Mike Hall said...

That looks like so much fun!

Sabine Schindler said...

I LOVE all those pictures and all the fun things you guys did. I miss boating trips like that! I love all the pictures of Sawyer with his cousins and his cute little face on the picture with Marley! My favorite picture is the one you told us to enlarge! Definitely worth enlarging!! I was cracking up like crazy! I'm glad you had so much fun at the ranch and that everyone could be there! Love the Larson morning shot!

Sydney Marné said...

hahahahaha i'm dying over here. first of all i love the group shot in the morning. and i love that sawyer is crying in it. and that shot of him getting splashed i was pretty much crying. i love that kid so much. looks like such a fun week!!! i love all these pictures!!!

ricksdl said...

Looks like so much fun. we enjoyed the slip and slide after you guys!