Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One big, fat, long post...and tons of pictures.

So I had all intentions of dividing the past month up into several posts, but once I started uploading pictures I decided it was easier to just upload all of them (and that's ALOT). I realize that this means that I have actually posted an entry containing 44 pictures (I believe that is a record for me)...but I figured, what the heck? People like pictures. And if you don't, it's not that hard to scroll down! :) I also apologize to those readers who also read my sister, Kristie's, blog because several pictures are definitely repeats from her Christmas post.

Anywho, I flew out to Virginia with Sawyer on Dec. 14, five days before the rest of the crowd arrived. It was kind of nice to have some time with my mom and help her get ready for everyone else. We've always considered ourselves good 'last minute' hostess's, so we had a good time scrambling to get everything done! It was also nice to get there before the blizzard and all the travel chaos hit. Sawyer and I had a nice 3.5 hr direct flight (it arrived an hour early! when does that ever happen?!)...completely stress free! I was very grateful. Nathan was supposed to arrive on Saturday, but I looked ahead at the impending weather on Thursday night and found out that United had already issued travel waivers to anyone traveling to Washington DC on Saturday (this meant that he could change his flight without a fee...did you know they do that?). He managed to get a flight on Friday morning, and his connecting one in Denver was the last to leave that day due to the blizzard out east...the rest were canceled...whew! For a play by play of the rest of the crew's travel disasters, see Kristie's blog! In a nutshell, they rolled in the driveway about 4 am on Saturday morning...all in one piece! We were all super lucky! We spent the first week, including Christmas, at my parents house. The following week we headed to the Massanutten Ski Resort. We had a blast! I'll leave the rest of the story up to the millions of pictures to follow!

Took advantage of the opportunity for some family photos! Syd's boyfriend, Mitch, was able to jump in on a few of those ;)...he was there for a few days before Christmas. It was so fun meeting him! Thanks for coming, Mitch!
Sawyer and I went to preschool with my mom one morning (she teaches music at a preschool a few times each month...she's so great at it!). Sawyer had a blast! He especially loved the jingle bells!

Jake and Sawyer got to know eachother a little better this time. It was so fun to see them interacting!

I wish I could say Sawyer was being loving and giving Jakey a hug...but really he was just falling over and using him as support! Either way it's pretty dang cute!
Wes got all the guys a fire starting thingamajigger...As soon as we were done with presents they headed out to the porch to make a fire in a cake pan. Boys will be boys...

One of the things my mom, Sawyer and I did before everyone came...picked out a Christmas tree and decorated it! That was a fun night...

After the blizzard! We got close to 2 ft! It was a record for any December snow in Fredericksburg, ever! Waffles the morning after everyone finally made it here. I think I'm running off about 3 hrs of sleep at this point. Stinks when no matter what time you go to bed, your kid gets up like clockwork...same time everyday. Pictures at church
We all made the trek to our favorite downtown Bakery for lunch...Eileens! It was a fun day!
David loves it when Nathan plays with him (despite what the grumpy face might suggest!). Sawyer thought it was pretty cool too!
Struggling to survive until midnight on New Years Eve!
Cookies galore!
The adorable Christmas dishes my dad got our mom! She loved them. So did I.
David's teachers at school help him pick out gifts for everyone. These are the sweet ties the boys got! They even sing Christmas tunes!
And these are the sweet socks we got from David!
Sawyer working on his presents.
Kristie and I made a Brag Book for my mom to keep in her purse. Full of pictures of, what else, Jake & Sawyer!

We went to an awesome indoor waterpark at Massanutten. The kids loved it! So did we!
Sawyer was very interested in David. I thought it was pretty cute.
My mom built these boys a fort when we got to the resort.
Gotta love bathtime!
Tubing! My favorite activity at Massanutten! I will say I was terrified the first time going down but after that it was pure fun! We went down all linked together and even hit the bumper at the end a few times! It was awesome!
Our little pod flying down the mountain~!

The lazy river at the water park.
Ok so I had to include these pictures of David sledding. He loved being pulled up the hill (above).

Going down was another story (below)! I will never get over that face!

Sawyer could only move his eyeballs. We had him bundled up pretty good.

Nathan being Nathan and snowboarding with the sled.
And another one of Sawyer all bundled up and immobile. Cracks me up.
The End! You made it!


Sabine Schindler said...

I loved looking at all the fun pictures again! Thanks for coming out early, Jess, and helping me so much.
What a fun time we all had!!!
Love you! and miss you already!!

Kristie said...

good post jess--way to get it all done at once :) love and miss you

Isac and Jen Simpson said...

Oh Jess I miss you!! Looks like you had an awesome Christmas break! You got some amazing pics, you are so gorgeous! Seeing Sawyer makes me want to give him the biggest hug :) Glad you made it back to safe! We cant wait to see ya in a few weeks!

Jonathan and Andrea Forsyth...and Dallin too said...

was that really 44 pictures? i got to the end and wondered where the rest of them were - it totally didn't feel like that many.

and i want your mom's dishes:)

Meghan and Tyler said...

Loved the post! I seriously love your family! All of you. It seems like you guys had an amazing time. And I agree, it didn't seem like 44 pictures. I just can't get over how cute Sawyer is. Is he always smiling? You are looking so good too. I am glad Nate didn't get stuck in Arizona. That would have been a bummer Christmas. I think it is awesome that they gave him a flight voucher. Looking at your sledding pictures makes me want to go now. Was it different to be in the snow rather than the heat?

We love you guys! and Tyler just came in to look at the blog and he wanted me to tell you guys that he thinks Sawyer is uber cute!

Dan and Linsey said...

I love your long post, what a fun holiday!

Karen said...

Your little family is so picture perfect! You should really consider modeling! Looks like you had a fun Christmas and New Years. I'm sure your mom loved every minute of you being there! I got your Christmas card...THANKS!! It is adorable. Miss seeing you guys more!

Kendra said...

Looks like a fun and eventful Christmas break. :) Sawyer is getting so big - and he is adorable! And you look great too - by the way. Glad to see pictures of your fun family!

The Thelins said...

I am so glad you posted each of those 44 pictures! I LOVE the one of Jake and Sawyer on the sled (the one from the family photo shoot) Sawyer is smailing so big and so happy! I love that in every single picture of that kid, he is as happy as can be! This post made me miss all you guys. We should try and do a Schindler reunion sometime. It would be a blast. Oh and I also LOVE the Christmas dishes, and all the priceless pictures of David.

Kathryn said...

WHAT FUN!!!! For such a little guy, Sawyer always delights me with how photogenic and HAPPY he is! It really amazes me-- so much personality already.


JaNea Neff said...

What a fun post... I loved ALL the pictures! Makes me miss all of you guys! Sawyer is so cute and always looks like he's having a ball! (it looks like he's already learned, from his dad, no doubt, that life is a party!:)

marianne said...

I also loved this post, let's plan the reunion....thanks for all the pics, they all made me smile, but I think my favorite were your mom and dad holding Sawyer and Jake...reminds me of one we have somewhere of Mutti and Vati holding you and Jerai! the other fav is Nathan with David..warms my heart! Love you all!

Jerai Moulton said...

love all the pics!!! i'm a little jealous that i wasn't there! some time we'll have to all get together again for the holidays! love ya! oh and by the way, sawyer is adorable! he's getting so big!

rnichols said...

We had a blast looking at all your pictures! Sawyer is so adorable. I love him. He's so happy like you and Nathan! Happy late b-day to him and thanks so much for the great Christmas card!!!

Rachel and Bryan