Monday, August 24, 2009

It's a wrap...

Another attempt at some family pictures...maybe one day Sawyer will respond to the person behind the camera! :)

Well our summer is quickly coming to an end and we have had a blast. So much has happened...Sawyer made his big debut, we moved to Virginia for two months and had an amazing time with my family, Nathan took his first set of dental boards and passed (no surprise there!), we spent a week in Utah at the Ranch with Nate's family and had so much fun there, and then I got to spend another few days with Kristie, Wes & Jake. Nathan went back to Arizona while I played with Kristie and found us a great apartment in Phoenix that we absolutely LOVE and hope to stay in for the next 3 years. After much traveling and many exciting adventures along the way, we are happy to be once again settled in our own little home and with our own little family. We are so grateful for the time that we had this summer to make memories with those we love and hope that we get the chance to see them all again very soon!

Here's a quick recap of a few of our adventures:

A couple weeks before leaving Virginia we thought it would be fun to drive up to Palmyra, New York for the Hill Cumorah Pageant. It happens every summer and my family had never been because we always found it difficult to plan such a trip with David around. But we got some great babysitters (thank you Phelps!) and we were on our way thanks to Nathan's encouragement (he'd been before and couldn't believe we'd never seen it!). I have to admit it was well worth the 8 hr drive! What an amazing production...and we had a great time just driving up together and hanging out. The day after the pageant we had time to just do whatever so we visited a few of the church history sites and then Nathan discovered that there was a county fair in town and, even more exciting, a demolition derby! And not just a regular demolition was a school bus derby! Crazy stuff... Nathan was so excited for Sawyer to experience his first demolition derby. Let's just say Sawyer did not make daddy proud on this occasion :). You can't blame the poor kid, though. Those things are just too darn loud! All in all, it was a fun trip and I'm so glad we did it.

During our week at the ranch, we made a trip to Park City to ride the Alpine Slides. Again, we had a great time! The rest of the time at the ranch was spent playing games and just enjoying one another's company. It was really fun for us to have Sawyer meet all his cousins on the Larson side. Little Taryn was born only 9 days before Sawyer so it was fun to see those two together!

And as for an update on our sweet little Sawyer...things couldn't be better! He's still such a great baby...very even tempered and happy. He's full of smiles and laughs. He sleeps from 8 to 5 pretty much every night (thank you, Baby Wise...and thank you Sawyer for just being good). He loves to stand on your lap, stand on the table, stand on the floor...and pretty much stand where ever he can. He can most often be found with his fists in his mouth or trying to roll over. He loves playing in his baby gym and pulling on the musical toys hanging above his head. The day we moved into our apartment (Aug 15...he was about 3.5 months then) I went in to get him from his nap only to find him on his tummy! He continued to roll from his back to his tummy for the rest of the week...but he always did it in secret! It wasn't until yesterday that I actually witnessed the act first hand! He now HATES his car's pretty much the only time we get a real good cry out of him. :) I think it has something to do with the 108 degree temperatures here. Today he started making bubbly, gurgly spitting sounds with his lips. And he thinks his daddy is the funniest person alive. We still have yet to find a diaper brand that prevents blow-outs...and we're especially grateful for laundry detergent and washing machines these days. His dimples are a hit with the ladies...and he loves to play peekaboo with has face blanket. He is seriously such a joy to have around and I LOVE being his mommy. I'm so excited for each and every new experience we have with him and I am so grateful for the time that I have to spend with him each day.
Nathan posing with some characters from the Palmyra Pageant
The School Bus Demolition Derby in New York
Playing with Sawyer while waiting for the Pageant to start

Mom and Dad trying to fit in at the Demolition Derby :)
Sawyer enjoying life BEFORE the derby got started. (Sawyer and I spent the majority of the night in the car waiting for the derby to be over...let's just say he didn't enjoy it as much as his daddy hoped he would)
Random pictures at the New York county fair

So we're driving around in Canandaigua, NY and we see the Ghostbuster's car outside someone's house! Crazy...(notice Nathan in the on the pic to make it bigger)

Hanging out with Grandpa at the Pancake Breakfast
He's like, Dad, would you quit kissing's embarrassing.
So Nathan and Sydney and my dad went early to the Pageant to save us some seats. Nathan thought that if he put the names of General Authorities on the seats, people would leave them alone. Here's Sawyer sitting in 'Uchtdorf's' seat. The people next to us were surprised/disappointed when we showed up (they even took a picture!) I will totally worked...the other section of seats that we reserved only said 'Larson' and those got taken down! Good work honey...

Sawyer and his Grandma the day before leaving Virginia.
Nathan finished his dental boards (and did great)! Rice Krispie Treats to celebrate! His favorite...
Nathan and my dad grilling in their Father's Day Aprons...lookin' good boys.

The Larson family (minus 1---Kasey couldn't be there) at church during 'Ranch Week'

On the ski lift at Park City to ride the Alpine Slides
Nathan burned 3 fingers really bad on the grill and spent the night firmly clutching otter pops...he even went to bed with one!

Sawyer's first visit to Bridal Veil Falls

Nathan waiting for his turn to bat. Playing softball at the Ranch. Taryn and Sawyer are only 9 days apart and look like little twinners in their green hoodies!

Again, riding the ski lift.

Nathan and I raced our slides...although I told him he owed me $5 if he DIDN't beat me down....I even had a head start. Nice job baby...glad you're still alive.
I love cuddly, sleeping Sawyer. Looks like such a big boy sleeping in a big bed.

Still Nathan's favorite way to 'babysit'..."Here Sawyer, just suck on my thumb and we'll both fall asleep"...haha. I love my boys.
Sawyer testing out the Exer-saucer...and watching cars with cousin Jake. Do you think they like the movie?


Jer, Cheronne & Brayden said...

Jess! Sawyer is adorable! I love him! What an eventful summer! I love all the pictures. You have a beautiful family! I am so glad you found a place to live that you love. And I still have something for Sawyer that I should have time to send now. So watch for that :)

rob, jax & max: the harmon squad said...

Sawyer is so stinkin' CUTE!!! I'm upset we never made it up to VA to see you guys while we had the chance. And I love the picture if Sawyer and Jake- I think they were born to be friends:) Now if only my siblings would get married and have kids too...

Kristie said...

excellent post jess. love you. i love that picture of sawyer and taryn in the green jackets! i hadnt seen that one yet :)

The Thelins said...

Great catch-up, Jess! You're right- summer posts are so hard. You did good :) I loved reading about all your adventures. It's so sad that summer is almost over. Where did it go?! I swear the last 2 summers (since becoming a mommy) have flown by! Congrats to Nathan for passing his boards, you're right- no surprise there! I'm so glad you found an apartmant that you love, that will make things so great! I love how Nathan reserved seats for you guys- that's so classic! And I'm so happy that you have a happy, healthy, ADORABLE baby boy. Please come vivit Oregon soon! We need to meet the little stud muffin! Love you guys

rnichols said...
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rnichols said...

What a fun summer! Cute family pics. and the bus demolition derby and the saving seats in the names of apostles, hilarious. So fun. Congrats to Nate on his boards! I love Sawyer's adorable face while watching Cars. So cute!

Marianne Thelin said...

I am so embarassed...still no baby gift mailed to Sawyer...send me your address! great post, you have a beautiful boy!

Meghan and Tyler said...

Jess, I loved all the pictures! You guys had a fun summer, glad we were able to meet up before you headed back to Arizona. We love Sawyer! I love the last picture of the two boys. We miss you guys, but are glad that you found apartment that you love.

Sabine Schindler said...

Awesome wrap of the summer, Jess.
It was really fun to read and made me relive some of the great memories we made. I'm so glad you could spend those 2 months with us, even though they went by way too fast.
I'm grateful for technology to be a part of your cute, growing family.
I sure miss you a lot and wish I could hold and kiss my little Sawyer-Maennel every day. LOVE you!!

Isac and Jen Simpson said...

Jess!! Oh what an awesome post, Isac and I just had a blast reading it and looking at all your pics! Looks like you guys had a way fun break! (we are glad your back to good old AZ though :) by the way, the highlight for us was reading about nate saving seats at the pageant....classic method! we may use that some time, what a genius!

Rachel said...

Ok, those pictures are so great too. Sawyer has some of the BEST expressions. You can read his mind be looking at his face. So great!

Ashley said...

I totally forgot about the otter pops and the burn. Poor guy. Sawyer looks so cute in so many of these pictures...a mini nathan for sure.