Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back to Reality

So the Holidays are over and everything is back to normal here in Provo. Nathan and I had a perfect Christmas back home in Virginia...I honestly could not have asked for more. We were both lucky enough to get 2 whole weeks off of work. Kristie and Wes weren't able to come out till Christmas morning and we were all so happy for their arrival...everyone was finally together. To start things off, the boys were more than enthused over their new remote control helicopters. They dropped everything they were doing to get those babies fired up! The excitement, however, quickly shifted to the much anticipated and hard-earned Wii Game System. Needless to say, we spent the next week improving our golf swing and bowling like we'd never bowled before! We even got our grandma, Mutti, to bowl--she scored a 119! Despite the occasional injury incurred by overzealous arm maneuvers, we had a great time!

A last minute attempt at family pictures. It's always quite the challenge
to get David to put down his Barney phone and look at the camera...close enough
Me teaching Mutti how to bowl...she bowled a 119!
Guess that means I'm a pretty good teacher :)
Mom and Dad boxing
Nathan and Wes boxing
The boys flying their new remote control helicopters

Nathan and I had to fly home on Dec 30th so that we would be back for work on the 31st and 1st. Unfortunately, our plane in Denver was delayed a good 4 hours or so and we finally put our heads on our pillows at 5:45 am. Luckily, we both got canceled at work that day. So now we're back to the good old routine: working three 12 hour shifts each week, and spending the other four days just hanging out, snowboarding (nathan), cleaning, doing laundry, etc. We really do have a pretty nice life right now. I feel so blessed each day. And we're coming up on our 1 year anniversary! Holy Cow time flies. It's been a good year.


Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

check out that slick WII action!!!!

Melanie said...

The whole background thing is a little complicated to tell you in writing. but I might be able to do it over the phone. Give me a call and I will try to walk you through it. The only way I found that it would work is if you start out with a matiekay background. go to and pick one of the backgrounds that you like the template (don't worry about the colors) and format. Then when you got to edit the html it will have webpages already in it and you just replace those with the html of the paper from your photobucket. I don't know if that makes sense.

Molly said...

I ran into your blog from Jackie's. Those are such cute pictures! My brother got a helicopter for Christmas too, but Charles and Daniel spent the whole break playing with them instead!