Monday, November 12, 2007

The Holidays are Here!

So we finally faced the reality that the website created for our wedding was too complicated to maintain and turned to the 'blog'. I'm hoping it will be easy enough for me to maintain without Nathan's help. I'm excited to start sharing our lives with family and friends, especially those we don't get the chance to talk to very often! Nathan's family has always had the tradition of sending out email updates to friends and family. As of two days ago our ten months of marriage had yet to produce any such updates. Nathan, however, recently took the initiative to format a "November Letter"! I figured I'll just let him write the letters until he starts dental school next year because I'm sure at that point I'll be stuck with the responsibility for the remainder of our lives. Although much of the letter is clearly one-sided...I must admit it's not far from the truth :). We love you all and hope you are enjoying the holidays as much as we are!

"I caught some flack for not getting dressed up for Halloween but I decided I needed to send out a letter to let people know I really did dress up. I was a super hero, and I was so comfortable with my tight stretchy pants that I wore them to work. When the patients woke up that morning I had to reassure them this was not a hallucination, and that I really was there. After I got home from work I was tired of having people stare at me so I changed into a costume that stood out less. So that is why you see me as a cowboy in Jessica’s Halloween pictures.

Well contrary to my wife’s beliefs Christmas does not start officially until after thanks giving. So far this year I have managed to hold off the decorating, cookie making and all other things Christmas except the music. Every time we get in the car we are bumping Christmas music for all the neighbors to hear. It really hurts my gansta image, people just have a hard time believing I live the thug life when they hear Santa baby blaring on my radio. On Nov 1st Jessica officially kicked off the Christmas Season by making some hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music. I decided to rebel and use my cool Halloween glass I bought at the grocery store; frankly it was all I could do.I have discovered a conflict in our marriage lately. Its BYU football season and so the games are in town. Well I always want to watch and support our team. Jessica…well lets just say she is more of a fair weather fan. Getting to the game after the first quarter, not attending when the weather is bad, watching ER when the game is on; for her all of these activities are acceptable. We both got shirts from the BYU bookstore that say “Fully Invested” meaning we are fully invested in the BYU football team. I am just starting to doubt that she can truthfully wear that shirt. Is she really being honest with her fellow man if she proclaims to be fully invested but her actions speak otherwise? I just don’t know what to do. I guess as long as she does the cooking I will pretty much keep my mouth shut.

Well that’s about it for now so I will talk to you all later." I just got home from work and saw the web site Jessica made...I feel so validated right now. Fight the Christmas Machine!!! Well, only until after Thanksgiving.

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jodi said...

Jess...I'm so glad you got your blog up and going, it looks great!